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I dv'd Sentry credit regarding 3 medical bills 07/03, 09/03, 05/02, they never reported these as disputed and verified with cra within 1 week. I phoned and they transferred me to the legal department, the atty said the only thing I will be receiving is a summons. It's past the point to dv I will need to request discovery. My issue is I had state insurance and insurance through my employer for my daughter. I attended the clinic for myself once and that's how they got my insurance. Well when I called the O.C. and asked why they didn't bill my daughters insurance they stated they don't take her state insurance. I told them I never received a statement and they said they update addresses according to the post office. And the address on file was not correct. Each time I went in they never informed me of a balance they just kept seeing her for the next 2 years. Should I send the C.A a copy of my state insurance because I was low income and I should not have a copay or should I just wait to bring these to court?

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