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I'm going to dispute the inquiries on my credit with the credit bureaus.

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I've sent the DV and didn't get a response. Should I asked the credit agencies to remove the listing? Or should I send another letter to the CA? I'm a little confused on what to do next (not sure what I should say in the letter) and I really need to send this out ASAP.

It's $9000 on a car that I was suckered into when I was fresh out of high school and I'm paying for it even though they repo'd.

The CA hasn't contacted me but I'm still not sure what to do next. The flow chart is fine and all but I'd like a template to use like the sample letter to the CA's. At the very least I wouldn't mind it if somebody could give me a suggestion as to what to do next (something about a 1-2 punch?).

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Should I send the credit agencies (trans, equifax, experian) this letter:


or should I send the CA something first? I think I need to dispute it first but that whole flow chart has me confused as to what to do next. That letter looks like I should be sending it to the CA but it says it's for the credit beaureas. What am I to do at this point? I'm pulling my hairs out over here trying to figure out my next step.

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Experian will not budge...on removing inquiries. I have a fraud alert and spoke to the fraud department and they keep asking if any TL were results from identiy theft. I told him I recently separated and divorced and I am not sure, that is why I was calling to remove the inquiries I do not recognize in case my ex had tried to use my identity. Nothing was removed from inquiries only spouse and akas.

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I think they ignore any letters. TU told me "too bad, so sad" in reply and experian simply doesn't remove inquiries without a fraud alert. I dunno if Equifax will, but it's easier to do it online with them. Just search for forums for instructions.

I thought I would go see if I could request removal TU inquires online.

I agree, too bad, so sad. I have to send these idiots a letter for inquires,

but I can dipute other things online? How silly is that?:evil: Like I would dispute

anything else any way but on nice clean white paper....duhhhh

Topping it all of, I am in TX, so I get to mail the same thing to EQ :evil: :evil:

AND more than likely BE IGNORED!

The bright side is that they are a year old this month, but I still want them


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