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ok i dont know if im getting all of this but let me run this by you.

I have an open CC account with Macys... well its was actually richs but they are no more. So macys is the parent company, I have a home loan that is requiring me to either show proof these accounts are not mine or i must show they are paid in full. This account shows open our my credit just very late.. the balance was like 400 its almost 5 - 6 yrs old..I would have though this would be charged off or somting by now but its not. what would you do? Would you ask them to debt validate? who do i ask the the 3bueres or macys? Do i just pay this? will it screw my credit over? I just am about to have a 5000 judgement removed as i have all the proof in the world its not me ( its on my dads credit and his bankrupsty is paying it as we speak) so i know i should gain some points from that.. but I dont want to hurt my credit for such a low/old account


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