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need an old credit report..

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I have read the FCRA top to bottom today and cannot find what I am TOLD is there, but perhaps I misunderstood what I was reading, and you can help.

I think an account was re-aged and an old credit report would solve that problem. I do not have one old enough, BUT my apartment complex does. So I called them and asked if I could see it. They said no, that they weren't allowed to under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All I can find is that they don't have to give it to me if they question my identity. But I can give valid proof that I am who I say I am.

My mortgage guy just did this for us a few weeks ago. He pulled our credit, I asked if it was ok for him to make us a copy and he said, "sure, no problem." You would think that he would be worried about getting in trouble if it was illegal.

Can anyone support the legality of this?

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We moved in here in Apr or May of 2003, and that credit report would be from right before I believe the account to be re-aged.

I even begged the guy, " well can I bring my current report to you and you just say yes this TL still lists the same or no it doesn't" That is all i really need from them.

I asked him "If I find a legal loophole, may I call you back"

He just kept saying it was not allowed under the fair credit reporting act...

.....over and over...

We still live here if that helps things.

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I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Why didn't you have a copy yourself?

BTW, if you're certain about it, during a lawsuit you can always make a discovery request to the CRAs about every insertion, deletion, and update to your account.

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