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TU wont update paid CO fromt he OC


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Short back story:

Found wrong info on TU report from bank on overdraft

Wrote bank, bank said they updated

No update, wrote a nasty letter hinting at legal action

Went to meet in person, was told they tried 4 times but nothing is updating, was given paper showing they tried to update from collection/charge off to paid charge off, it never went to a CA, was paid to the actual bank in person each month until paid in full as agreed.

Have all receipts, letters, etc showing 100% proof it was paid in full to the OC and not a CA

TU will not work with them. I got a copy yesterday of a paper titled Universal Data Form they submitted to update the pay status from charge off to paid charge off. TU will for some reason not update.

I told her I would wait 60 days before contacting them or TU again and she said that should be more than enough time for TU to get things right.

Question: If TU for some reason wont or cant update to paid charge off then I can actually have grounds to request it be deleted completely, don't I?

Should I request it sooner than the 60 days?


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If it's reporting as "Collection/CO" w/ a $0 balance, then that essentially is reported as a paid CO. "Collection/CO" doesn't mean that it went to a collection and then CO; it means it's EITHER a collection OR a CO. In this case, it's a CO. Now, if it's still reporting a balance, then yes, you're right and it needs to be corrected. You have proof from the OC that it's been paid and TU isn't updating it (not even @ the OC's request). You can try forwarding copies of all documentation to TU to get them to update, but my gut tells me that the only way TU is going to listen to you, a consumer, is if they smell a lawsuit brewing.

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EA, Thanks for the info, I actually never knew that about the $0 balance.

chil, Thats what I am hoping for, my bank never said to me that a $0 means a paid collection, could they really be that clueless? I will not do anything for the next 30 days or so and hope it doesn't update, then I will write my bank requesting it be deleted because its reporting "inacurate information" and they are unable to update it... lets hope it goes that way anyway.

Thanks guys.

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