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How increase/boost credit score?

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From what I've gathered..

Doyou best to eliminate baddies.

Get around 3 (eventually) credit cards. Pay on time, only use up to 30% ofavailable credit. Get as high limit as possible.

Get an installment loan. A secured loan is great for this. Get one or two, whatever you can handle. Car loans, etc.

Pay your bills on time. In 6 months, you probably will be sitting pretty.

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I don't think I can get approve for a CC with good terms/no fees.

I wanna open two secure CCs ($1000 each) with BB&T and BofA. Is it good idea?

In total I will have:

Capital One - 2000

Auto loan - 9500

Sec.CC#1 - 1000

Sec.CC#2 - 1000

What other steps I can take?

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Secured loans, authorized user...:hmmmmm:

Both would do it....

FICO score would like to see a good mix of credit with age. That mix includes revolving accounts and installment accounts.

Age and utilization are very big factors as well. This is why a lot of people are us AU's as a way to "boost" thier scores because of the seasoned trade ine.

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Some of this just takes time man. If you can get those collections off your accout and just pay your bills ontime for 6-12 months, your credit should be great and it will continue to get even better the longer your history is established, up to a certain point.

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