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Account reported differerently by CB


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I am new at credit repair, and would appriciate your advice as to how to proceed with dealing with the following:

I had a car loan that ended in repo in 2003. The account is reported in all 3 CB by original creditor, however they don't match -

TU:DLA 12/03; status 120+; purchased;bal=10105

EQ:DLA 8/03; status 120+; purchased;bal=0

EX:DLA 12/03; status purchased/chargeoff; bal=10105

In Nov it was assigned to a CA which just hit my credit report this month with balance 13024, different account number from original...

What is the best approach to take care of this?

Any help is greatly appriciated in advance.... SOL expires at the end of this year.

Thanks Alaska

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