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Medical CA- no comm. 4 yrs, making payments


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I have a medical bill (hospital) that was sent to CA in Wisconsin, about 4 months after date of service. At the time, the hosp. mailed me notice that the CA had taken over the account. Simultaneously, the CA sent notice that I owed them $X. Also informed me I had 30 days to dispute & that the bill was not in collections & would not be-unless monthly payments were not made.

I've made (tiny) monthly payments since then. :) Currently making larger payments, ought to be done in about 2 more yrs. Also have moved several times, residing in Minnesota since 4-03. CA has never sent any additional info since the initial statement (which I did not reply to/dispute). I called CA 12-06 to give them current address & asked for statement. Told me that I was being charged 5%. No correspondence has been received to date.

How can I be certain that CA is applying payments? Are periodic statements required? I've considered sending DV, but have not-because: I did not dispute initial claim within 30 days, do not wish to be sued, I don't doubt I owe the debt. I assume I signed some form in ER that indicated I'm liable for charges (no insurance at the time). Should I mail DV? If so, should it be customized?

The entire situation makes me nervous: no statements, interest charged, ignorance.

TIA for any/all guidance.

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