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:evil: I sent a DV letter to Credit One bank last month and they replied saying that they needed my full account number and ssn in order to complete the validation request. I did not provide this information to them because I think they should have it if they are reporting that I "owe" them.

I sent a letter to EQ to request investigation and they did. My credit report changed to show that the account was disputed. Then yesterday..I pulled an updated TC report and it shows that they "verified" in 4/2007 with EQ! How can they do this? They have not validated with me, aren't they required to validate before reporting? I think this is a V but I may be wrong. I have just prepared a 2nd request letter for validation to send to Credit One. What do I do now? Do I wait and see if they delete or validate again?

Please advise, I am kinda new and still learning the Ins and Outs of this stuff.



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