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Quick ques about inaccuracies

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I was comparing my 3 CRs and noticed that quite a few TLs report $0 limits, or the limits don't match between CRAs.

1- Will the $0 limit affect my score by decreasing balance-credit ratio? What about closed TLs?

2- Obviously if the limits don't match, someone is reporting inaccurately, but can that help me at all that they're violating?


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1. yes it can affect your score for precisely the reason you stated.

2. you can't go after them just for reporting incorrect information... that's an s2a violation and there's no private right of action for that.

you have to dispute the TL and then sue them for failing to properly investigate, an s2b violation that you can sue over.

but when you dispute the TL, you risk it being deleted, so you must weigh your options and decide what is best for you.

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