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Copy of Arbitration Award as "Validation"?

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Wolpoff got an NAF award against me, then handed it off to a law firm in my state.

I am going to DV the law firm. From what I understand, they will reply with a copy of the NAF award. This isn't sufficient validation of the debt though, right?

So when they turn around and either send me another letter or a petition to confirm the award, I have them on continued collection activity..right?

When they reply with a copy of the NAF award, do I need to turn around and reply with a letter that states that what they sent me in insufficient validation?

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Recovering Attorney,

Trust me...that is my focus. I will be filing a motion to vacate the award soon. However, should that angle not work...isnt the next best thing to have FDCPA violations on them, in order to negotiate a halfway reasonable settlement?

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So are you saying to completely forget the DV route with these guys?

What would you do if you were faced with a Petition to Confirm (as I know I will be in a matter of a few months)?

Yes, DV is over at this point. It's all a court thing right now. Without meaning to sound high and mighty, if I've said it once, I've said it a 1000 times, "once a case goes to court", forget about DV.

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