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what is what...AMEX

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I know in the looooong Amex love thread this is in there. But thought maybe a quick reference may help.

Which Amex card is which?

I would like one that is not paid in full every month.

Maybe even add who they pull for what state.

Have no credit cards but have a house and car. TU has PIF med collections others are clean.

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Basically, Green, Gold, Platinum are PIF cards.

One is a hybrid credit/charge card and has relaxed underwriting requirements. (I have this card)

Everything else they have is a credit card.

It's worth noting, though, that Amex prefers people who pay in full, even on credit cards.

ETA: there are at least two cards not on that site: The Amex Centurion (charge card), which carries a $2500/yr annual fee. Also, the Butterfly card, which is a variant of the Gold card. Both are offered by invitation only.

I have serious butterfly envy.

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