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Anyone have AAFES Star Card

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I'm trying to clean up my credit, thanks to this site! I got Crown Jewelers, the Orchard card and applied for the military star card. I got approved for the AAFES military star card and wanted to know if they report regularly to the credit bureaus. Will I have to buy anything first like with Crown Jewelers or will they start reporting the card and credit limit right away? I tried searching but so far I have only read people only had them reporting after an account had been charged off or something...Thanks!

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Yes they report to all 3 CB's.

As for charging something for them to report, i don't know. Go get a candy bar and pay it off.

Don't forget the Take-It-Home now CC issued by AAFES. Seperate TL, that reports to all 3 CB's also.

You can find the Take-It-Home now CC on the AAFES web site.

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