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Hey everyone, I just "found" this board tonight. actually, I was reading a real estate investment forum and someone posted a link to this site. I'm so glad they did, this place is a gold mine of info.

so i'll give you a quick history/run down on my credit situation.

I'm male, 34 from florida, I did the pretty common stupid things people do when they are old enough to get credit. turned 18 financed a motorcycle, ran up credit cards on junk that I didnt need, eventually bought a new car for $20,000 and 3 months later got laid off from my job. I got stuck with a bunch of debt, struggled to pay the car off for years gave up paying on the credit cards..etc etc....went to school to become a commercial pilot and took out $20,000 in school loans then just ran out of money to keep flying.

got rehired with my company and eventually transferred to FL, met a girl, things didnt work out and i moved out , 2 weeks later found out shes pregnant...finally started to get ahold of my debt and my daughter was born 9/10/01 then 9/11 came along and I got my hours cut in half (i work for an airline) so I moved to a smaller apartment, gave up paying on the student loans because all my money was going to things for my daughter and basics to survive.

then i got hammered by child support for about 1/3 of my income

so one day decide to learn to surf, had my friend teach me and ended up wiping out hard and breaking my foot in 6 places so i was out of work 3 months and had surgery to rebuild my bones in my foot. meanwhile I wasnt making enough to pay the rent and got evicted. I decided to just file Chapter 7 since the apartment complex was trying to get $3000 from me.

I had my chapter 7 discharged and was living with friends, so i decided to get a car to try and reestablish my credit. I got the car....18% interest :roll:

eventually got into my own place again, met a great girl who was living next door to me, now living with me. my daughter is now 5 and child support is still a killer at $500 a month...that whole system is a joke but anyway...thats another story.

life is going pretty well again and my girlfriend is set to graduate nursing school in about 8 more days. it's been rough the past yr trying to keep up with the bills while she was in school full time but it''ll be well worth it.

so recently I've been looking into houses, for our own personal home and investments. i've been studying finances and real estate and now i'm trying to get a grip on our credit.

both of our credit scores are running at around 580 right now. I have negative things on mine like the bankruptcy and default student loans but i also have some good things like revolving bank loan that was co owned by my mother and she made sure it was always paid on time.

My girl doesnt have many accounts on her CR but she also hasnt had any credit in awhile so theres nothing on the positive side to bump her score up.

she has some small negatives in collections 2 of which were from her ex husband going to the ER in utah....7 yrs after they've been divorced and showing her as the co owner of that account.

I have some CA's on my report , funny i have a t-mobile bill with a CA and yet I just got a new t-mobile account a month ago....now if i owed them $190 why would they open another account for me?

I have one med bill, probably from the ER and my surfing accident... is it possible to send a letter offering to pay the amount in return for removal from my CR?

another good one is florida dept of revenue is reporting $1400 in back child support, that kills me because my support is payroll deduct.

also one agency is reporting that i still owe the $3000 to that apartment complex, it was the whole reason i filed Chapter 7, it was discharged in 2003.

TR has my name spelled incorrectly, they have my mothers address as my previous, I have never even lived there.

and the best one of all, both my parents received collection notices in the mail the other week from RJM aquisitions....:lol: stating I owe $390 from some compass bank account in 2004 and they will settle for $180. I called RJM and told them I closed my compass account in 2000 and they need to send me proof of this account and this debt. glad i found this site because now i know it's past the SOL amd RJM is a joke who buys "junk" accounts and tried to enforce em. aside from that, they arent even licensed to collect in FL.....

I also sent a payment on my Ford Direct student loan and a sallie Mae student loan. all of a sudden i get a letter from Sallie Mae stating they expect the balance of the loan $1700 to be paid no later than 5/12/07/

:roll: dont ya think if i had the $1700 I would just pay it off ? morons, thats what i get for trying to make payments

ok so I'm open to suggestions on how to fix this mess and get our scores up to a decent range....sorry for rambling, bad habit

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Welcome, I've been here long enough so I can give you a few tips lol.

Every credit repair process starts the same, and if you only learn one thing this is it: pay your current bills on time. Whatever has happened in the past is in the past, but one 30 day late will hurt you more now than any charge off from 4 years ago.

That said, I would take care of the student loan, get that current. Sallie Mae is pretty good about bringing you current again if you're willing to come to the table. Same goes for the child support. It looks like they have the amounts wrong so I would dispute these with the CRAs. Things like the t-mobile bill I would DV. Start with newer debts and work your way to the oldest charge offs...they aren't going anywhere anyway.

Finally, you'll need to start building a good history. Since revolving credit is HIGHLY weighted in FICO scoring, you and your gf should get a secured credit card (separately of course) and use it wisely. Keep your utilization low and it will do wonders for your score.

Come back if you have any questions and we'll be glad to answer them.

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