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Is This Illegal ???


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I have a CA(afni) for sprint that I disputed with CRA and DV-ed CA. The account was removed from EX, because i think sold to another CA(calvary portfolio) that is now showing on CR.

I Dv-ed calvary and disputed with CRA. Results with CRA was account verified,

CA responded with letter saying complete fraud statement dispute enclosed( give copy dl, ss card, police report etc). I sent dv letter stating only I dispute this account prove its mine. I only dispute one account with CRA as vic of ID theft (TMOBILE).

I never received initial notice that account must be disputed within 30days...etc


AFNI was deleted in 03/07 and CALVARY replaced the sprint account same time without notice only notice I got is settlement letter dated 3/12/07 and fraud affidavit 4/3/07.


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Glad you caught on to the old "fraud" scam of theirs. If you dispute a debt, it must be fraud, right? heh.

Did you use some form of the word "dispute" in your DV?

Yes .... I used the word "dispute" in my DV letter. I plan tosend them letter saying the TL was inserted without notification and that is a violation, so, they need to remove the TL.

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It may be a violation in your eye, but for them it isn't until you actually sue them. It is kind of like expecting a criminal to obey gun laws. You simply can't tell them it's illegal and expect them to jump. A friendly push reminding them that you will seek all legal remedies available to you if your demand is not met to remove. Do this after you cite the exact violation they did.

Process is:

1. State the account info and actions taken by them.

2. Demand that they act (remove, delete, correct, etc.) because of explicit laws they violated (actions taken by them), that you then cite.

3. Remind them that you will seek legal remedy if #2 is not done.

4. Make copies and send out CMRRR.

5. Be prepared to sue if need be. Typically, you are not after money in these situations but a delete. But you need to be prepared.

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