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Paypal Buyer's Credit.

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Anybody have one of these? DW is doing a lot of shopping online (since we live, like a bazillion miles from a store), and I'm thinking this might be a way to NOT use our checking account linked debt card.

Any thoughts?

I have a premier business account with paypal... all I do is load it with money that I want to spend and when that is gone.. well.. I will have to either reload it or just not spend.... I really like it... (it isnt an actual credit card though)

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Willing, like you, we are in the middle of nowhere. Although, we do have a few "sit-down" places to eat now LOL. There are a LOT of cow pastures, pig & turkey farms though. Nearest town that has more amenities is an hour away and those trips have to be planned.

But, DH has one with a limit of $1100. Their interest rate isn't to bad either. I believe they are financed through GE Moneybank. He does a LOT of ebay shopping :blah:

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