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Inaccrate reporting?


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hi every one.

i wanted to know if this can be right or wrong?

providian is reporting wrong on my experian report.

open 10/2000

reported since 09/2000

date of status 07/2003

last reported 07/2003

type revolving(this was a secure account)

charged off 11/2001

they say they closed the account on 5/2002

they sold it in 7/2003

i have a letter from providian stating that the last payment was made on 3/14/2001 so this should by law be charge off in 180 days i get 9/16/2001

why are they saying 11/2001?

experian will not accept the prove of the last payment they say it is 11/17/2001 and charge off 5/2002 last date of activity is 7/2003 this will fall off in 2013 they tell me

what can i do about this is their any violation on providian that i can get them on with the FCRA?

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so this should by law be charge off in 180 days i get 9/16/2001

Sorry...no LAW says they must charge off. There are some FDIC rules that imply a date, but, we haven't been able to find anything that states they must obey those rules.

Even if they did follow the 180 day rule, your last payment of 3/14 means you were not officially delinquent until 5/1...that puts it at 11/1

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