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receved threatning letter

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Hello all

Today i received a letter form a school i went to they set up a loan for me with a finance company.I defualted on the loan the school wound up paying back the loan now the school wants me to pay them back. are they allowed to do this even thouw I never had a loan with them.

this was four years ago and i live in arizona

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Did you sign anything with the school such as an agreement or contract regarding the loan? I would most definately have them send you the entire file.

Arizona Statutes of Limitation

Written contracts: 6 years, runs from date creditor could have sued account.

Oral debts, stated or opens accounts: 3 years.

Actions for fraud or mistake: 3 years from the date of the discovery of the fraud or mistake.

Actions involving fiduciary bonds, out of state instruments and foreign judgments: 4 years. NOTE: Arizona applies its own statute of limitations to foreign judgments rather than that of the state that originally rendered the judgment whether the judgment is being domesticated under the Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act or pursuant to a separate action on the foreign judgment.

An Arizona judgment must be renewed within five years of the date of the judgment.

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