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tips to clear these up?


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this is from my EQ CR....

first of all....THIS...was discharged in CHAP 7,


Agency Address: 3733 University Blvd W

Ste 300

Jacksonville, FL 322172103

(904) 733-3033

Date Reported: 03/2007

Date Assigned: 09/2003

Creditor Classification: Rental/Leasing


Accounts Number: 53XXXX

Account Owner: Individual Account.

Original Amount Owned: $2,384

Date of 1 st Delinquency: 08/2003

Balance Date: 03/2007

Balance Owned: $2,384

Date of Last Activity : n/a

Status Date: 03/2007

Status: D - Unpaid

Comments: N/A


and as you see i filed 2 months after eviction


Date Filed: 10/2003

Liabilities: $0

Individual/Joint: Individual

Individual/Business: Individual

Bankruptcy Disposition: A,Discharged CH-7

Current Disposition Date: n/a

Asset Amount: $0



Date Opened: 10/2002

Balance: $0

Date Reported: 06/2005

Amount Past Due: $0

Date of Last Payment: 04/2003

Actual Payment Amount: $0

Scheduled Payment Amount: $10

Date of Last Activity: n/a

Date Major Delinquency First Reported:

Months Reviewed: n/a

Creditor Classification:

Activity Description: Transfer/Sold

Charge Off Amount: $653

Deferred Payment Start Date:

Balloon Payment Amount: $0

Balloon Payment Date:

Date Closed: 08/2003

Type of Loan: Credit Card

Comments: Charged off account

I'm not even sure what that one is and if i did have it, i put it in my chapt 7_______________________________________________


Child Support Enforcement


Balance: $1,467

Amount Past Due: $1,067

this one kills me, i have never missed a payment since the day my girl was born, plus it's auto deducted from my paycheck 2x a month now all of a sudden it shows in collections since 12/05.....makes no sense

now on my EX CR ....

Account Name: CITI

Account Number: 41280031XXXX

Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 11/1/1993

Balance: $0.00

Terms: Revolving

High Balance:


Past Due:

Payment Status: Current

Comments: Credit line closed-grantor request-reported by subscriber

can I, should i get rid of that account ?


I also found that household bank that was reported on my EQ account

Account Name: HSBC NV

Account Number: 548897501337XXXX

Acct Type: Credit Card - Revolving Terms

Acct Status: Closed

Monthly Payment:

Date Open: 10/1/2002

Balance: $0.00

Terms: Revolving

High Balance: $653.00

Limit: $0.00

Past Due:

Payment Status: Debt included in or discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 11, or 12

how do i get rid of this on all CR's since the info is obviously innacurate?


also EX will not correct the NCC collections for the apartment tht was discharged in chapt7 ...i get this response

"We have already investigated this information, and the creditor has verified that it is correct. '

and finally.....


Original Creditor:


Account History:

Collection as of Mar 2007

i closed my compass account about 7 yrs ago...

as far as i am aware RJM buys junk debt and then tries to collect on it.

my response for my EX dispute was "agency unlicensed to collect debt in the state of fl, agency in violation of fl law"

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First off, RJM is an illegal reage of an acct. DV them with a threat of lawsuit if they do not remove from CRA and don't forget the ol FOAD letter.

For me, after my BK, I wrote the CAs and OCs about the fact that their debt was discharged in BK and they had better show IIB zero bal or delete.

How is HSBC inaccurate on EQ?

The CRAs couldn't give a rip about whether or not a CA is licensed in your state and that it is illegal to colllect. For that you have to threaten the CA and notify your state AG, BBB that kind of stuff. In fear of being fined, they will usually delete.

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