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Marked as Disputed on CR?

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Ok, this might be a stupid question, but it keeps being mentioned over and over again.

When referring to how a disputed account appears on a credit report after a DV is sent, everybody keeps saying that the collector must mark it as disputed. Whenever I have disputed something directly with the CRA, they mark it as disputed. Part of the DV flowchart is to send a DV to the collector and dispute it with the CRA at the same time, so by time the CA receives the DV, the tradeline should already appear as disputed on your CR, correct?

So really, does the CA have any obligation to report that the debt is disputed? I have disputed a fraudulent account with Asset, and when I pulled my credit report 30 days later, it was on there with no mention of being disputed. I disputed it with TU and EX, but not EQ. I'm guessing if I pull my EQ credit report right now, it does not show as disputed.

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