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auto repo collection disappeared


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Ok, this is the repo that happened 4 years ago this month, the OC never sent me a letter of redemption or a letter of disposal/def and it went to a CA and both have been reporting on my CR for the last 4 years.

Back in Jan, (after finding out that I had certain rights) I sent a CRRR letter to the OC explaining that they had not followed legal procedure after repo'ing the car and that I would settle for them just removing the TL on my CR by both them and their CA.

I never heard anything back from them, but for the first time in a couple of years, the CA updated their TL on my report in Feb and March.

Last week I received an updated CR from EQ after disputing an inquiry, and the CA's Collection is GONE. No longer there. The Credit Union's (OC) is still there, though.

Don't they have to intentionally remove an insertion? The reason I ask, is because I got an alert from Experian that it had been reported there on 4/13 by the CA.

What's going on?

(and what I mean by "intentional" is it doesn't just "disappear" if they forget or don't update each month, right?)

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