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40 inquiries


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I was buying a house (I did not buy) and loan officer pulled my report.

Listed 40 inquiries and 9 worst trade.. what is worst trade anyway?

I did buy a car and co- signed for another car, but I counted 25 inquiries.

Some were listed as 2,3 and 4. The 40 came from all the inquiries instead of them counting the 1,2, or 3 .

I read that shopping for a car loan is counted as 1.

Here is one it reads:

07/18/06 Ecoa 2 chase, M&T cred svc

07/18/06 Ecoa 3 citi auto, citi auto

07/18/06 ecoa 4 americredit, nissan motor, sovereign

I am so confued. they have ecoa as 3 when 2 is listed and 4 when 3 is listed.

I did not know the honda dealer did all of these inquiries as all of the cars were bought at the same honda dealer but different dates of course.

But one reads ecoa 1 and there are 3 inquiries.

There are letters as well. KOB whatever this is... f, fr,zc,q,b,f,ut,au,etc.

Please help me. my husband passed on a few months ago and would like to move and even with renting, they check your credit score.

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Looks like the car dealers whored your ss# out to everyone they could find. They do that.

It's true that all those car loan inquiries, if they all happen within a 30 (I think) day period, only count as one scorewise.

Did the home loan officer have a problem with that? Did he say you weren't qualified fior a home laon?

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