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Question about Student Cards...

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Well, I'm a junior in college and I've been looking into trying to find a Student CC that will approve on bad credit (FAKO score from EX is 521, FICO score from EX is 576).

I tried applying for a student card through my credit union, but was turned down (they're serviced by ELAN Financial)...this after the person I spoke with at the CU told me "everyone who is a student gets approved"...Yeah, I was a little embarrased by that one...

Anyways...are there any cards you can get approved for? I have a CO on both EX and EQ from Cap1 Card that was back in 09.2004 that was never paid (still saving up to pay it...), 2 Paid COs (one in 09.2006 the other in 11.2006) and about $15K in student loans...

Each time I apply, I get "derogatory credit on your report", which pretty much tells me to pay off the Cap1 CO...

So...until I can do that, anyone have any advice? I've tried doing searches and looked at the "Who Got Approved" thread and the one on the other sites' forum.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks!

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