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Is Initial Fraud Alert from Asset?

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Ok, my story is all over the board, so I'll make this brief for those who haven't read.

Dell reported a negative account to the CRA, I disputed on the basis that they did not fulfill their contract, they marked accounts $0 due to lost/stolen credit card. A year later, Asset bought the debt and began reporting to CRA. I sent DV to Asset and did not receive a response. I followed up with an e-mail to their customer service line, and a second DV. Still no response.

So, Friday I get an initial fraud alert from Experian, saying it was initiated by me or someone on my behalf. Yesterday, I got fraud alerts for the other two CRA's. All I have to say is WTH?

Yes, I said it was a fraudulent account, but I very plainly stated that it was fraudulent due to a contract issue, NOT identity theft. I tried to apply for a credit card after getting our mortgage because I wanted a little emergency credit if anything happened to the house, and the CU said they would contact me within 24 hours (which they didn't) and then I get all these fraud alerts.

Is this something that Asset has done? Is it "for my own good" or is it a tactic on their part to block me from getting credit without a big hassel? They're the only company I'm in DV with, so I don't know who else would do it.

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Does anybody know if these fraud alerts will effect my disputes at all?

The only positive to it is that I am able to request a free Equifax report because of this fraud alert, so I will be able to dispute the info on there without purchasing the report (although I'm leaning towards a credit monitoring service after becoming addicted to this site.)

I'm afraid when I request the credit report though, that they won't give it to me since we're moving at the end of this week and the new address won't appear on my credit report anywhere.

Oh, and the CRA's all list me under my maiden name, even though the mortgage we were just approved for is under my married name. Is this normal?

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