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Does the Good outweigh the Bad?


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I am starting on my credit repair journey, and i have a question I hope someone can help me with-

At what point do you consider disputing a TL with lates to be more bad than good? What do you consider the cut off point for an old late to not have much of an effect on your score?

I am asking because my fiance' has several lates on several TL's, with most of them being from '03 and '04 when he went through his divorce. He caught them all up to a positive, and they are all closed and paid in full, with the exception of one charge off we are dealing with. Would you leave these alone? I am actually scared that they might be re-aged. If you have lates and you catch them up, does the 7 years count from date of last activity for it to fall off, or the first time you were ever late on the account? Thank you for any help you can give me, I don't want to hurt things more than I help!! Thank you! :)

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