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How does this sound...letters?


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I've cross-posted with Collections as I was unsure where to put this question.

I have about three letters for two debts to send out. Both are fairly recent, and both owed. I've tried contacting the OCs. One is HSBC, who sold to Forward Properties in 01/07. I received a call from FP, but they never said for what (I later called HSBC and that's how I found out who it was for), and I've never received a letter. I checked my CRs yesterday, and Platinum Capital Investments has reported for this same debt. I have received no notice, either phone call or written for this debt. I've sent payment to HSBC, they said the payment would be forwarded to FP (NOT happy about that at all).


Letter to FP would consist of a basic, "I received a call on such #. Please verify who you are trying to reach and for what, via writing, no calls." Signed with my phone number and address, but no name.

The Platinum letter would also be basic, "I pulled my report and noticed you are reporting I owe you a debt. Under my rights, I request you validate this debt."

The third letter is for Discover. I spoke to them on the phone yesterday, and they said NCO has this account in the legal department- not sold, though, so Discover still holds responsibility. Poor woman, thinks NCO has real lawyers. I asked if D was suing me, she said no. After researching about NCO, I am very uncomfortable sending any money to them. I have yet to receive a letter from them; they have not reported yet. I have sent D a payment online (cleared in two days), and was told they received the payment and would notify NCO (so my payment is not being sent to NCO).

My letter to Discover I would like to say something like:

1) due to the many negative reports regarding NCO and how they deal with consumer money,

2) due to the fact I have received no information either written or otherwise from NCO regarding this debt, and

3) since Discover is still holder of this account and

4) Discover is the only address I have available on file in regards to electronically and automatically paying this debt,

I therefore will continue to send payment to Discover, and only Discover, with the address on file as set up in my banks Bill Pay, to fulfill paying on this debt.

Does this make sense? Will it work? Am I missing anything?


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