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Collection account is not on CR yet CA demands payment.

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I DV'ed a CA and subsequently sent for my CR. I anticipated seeing the account listed as "charged off" or "placed for collection". I found nada. It's as if the account never existed.

I thought I was going to send a dispute letter to the three CRA's but what's the point?

The CA has a copy of my CR. I have yet to tell them because it seems to me that I should be able to take advantage of this inconsistency.

I am open to suggestions.

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The CA has it listed as around $3000.

I don't feel that I owe it due to a breech of contract by the OC. The court may differ.

But no, I cannot handle paying it.

As Suzy Orman (sp?) would say, " People first, then money".

Really though, this account should be listed. The account statement the CA sent with their dunning letter was dated in 2004. I'm baffled.

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Need more info. What kind of account? When is DOFD? Is it SOL

I am learning my abbreviations on the fly. What is DOFD.

It is an open end account

I am in the process of checking my files, but I, for the moment, believe the account is within SOL.

In the DV return letter from the CA, the author of the letter is a lawyer representing Portfolio Recovery. He stated that the OC sold the account to Portfolio.

Unless you have absolute evidence that the CA is indeed collecting for the OC, and the debt is within SOL, why pay them?

I do not have absolute evidence of anything, especially since the three CRA's do not have the account on my CR.

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DOFD = Date of first delinquency = the date on which the account went delinquent and was never brought current. (There's a list of abbreviations in the PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING forum (don't worry about it, nobody else sees it either)).

If the account has been sold (allegedly) then you have the right to establish "chain of custody" before you even think about handing over any money. Of course you may have to do that in court....

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