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No Status showing on TL


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I disputed a TL on EX for a CA. The results came back verified and that was 2 weeks ago. I checked my EX report again and now it says "No status" and under N/A under everything else such as credit limit, date opened, date reported, etc. What exactly does that mean? Why would it be reported that way after it was "verified"?

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I have a few that I noticed when I looked at myFICO.

It will say

Name of Creditor then (Individual)

Account # not on record

Account type Revolving


High CR (the amount will be listed.)

Date opened 1995 dates here are examples

Date last activity 6-2000

Last Report 2001

Account transferred of sold

I have been saving the yearly EQ report til next month on this one, so

don't know if they list like this there or not, but if they do, what steps to eliminate. Dispute with CRA?

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