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Question about NES/National Enterprise systems


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Hi,first post......so i am contacted by this company tonite via phone,no written contact as of yet,first thing phone employee tells me is that i am going to be sued for defrauding a corporation since i signed an iron clad agreement,and i was commiting fraud for having the debt go to collections......i know thisis not true...........employee would not validate nor do anything over phone except tell me i had 10days to "represent" 10% of the account value.

Naturally I didnt do this,and tom i intend to send a certified/reciept requested letter asking for validation. I am assuming I shouldnt mention anything in the letter about the employee mentioning fraud? Should I call back,tell them I sent the letter,record the call and try to get her to say it again? I believe not,but someone here may have experience with a similar situation


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