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no income verfication auto loan

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I am a recent graduate and I am considered self-employed (1099). I am trying to purchase a vehicle, however, most finance companies want to see two years income tax returns, which, obviously, I don't have. Does anyone know of any bank/finance company that would provide a no income verification loan for autos? I have already tried several, Capital One, HSBC, Roadloans, etc. They all require tax returns.

I did, however, get approved for GMAC at the dealership, and they did not ask for any income documentation, but they are expecting a big down payment of $5000 also.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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ive bought a few from chrysler the past couple of years because im stated as well,,no down payment either

..the first thing you need to do is call and talk to the financing department..every dealer is different but you need to see what fico is required to do it with..you dont say what state your in but in cali competion for biz is so competetive that you can find it

of course you better know how to negotiate price and terms otherwise youll get reamed

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