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The big 3's sent me generic letters back saying they cant accept the documents I sent them, and they need 30-45 ADDITIONAL DAYS TO contact the CA's to VERIFY! I am so mad! I did the validation method to the T! Sent the first letter certified mail, and after that sent the second letter certified mail, and then sent all the copies to the big 3. It's still on my credit. I am getting tired.

I heard there are companies out there that will add tradelines to your credit file to boost your score, some even offer to "delete". Its hard to NOT think of that route when you are doing your best, and keep getting knocked down! These 3 debts on my credit report show as 6! they are all over 7 years old, and are being sold and resold over and over again.

So far, the validation is NOT working for me.

What now? Hire a lawyer and pay thousands?


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