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Signed up for "True Credit" yesterday...

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Hi folks,

Signed dh up for True Credit yesterday and was MOST dismayed to see his current scores...with TU he's only at a 514. Than again, I did discover that they had a collection on there that couldn't possibly be his along with bogus address/birth date info!!! GRRR!! Well, I guess it's good I looked PRIOR to trying to refi again. Thank GAWD I still got a few more months! Dang...I just didn't need this right now.

On the plus side? Mine is 597 with Experian, the highest it's ever been.


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I bet if you pull them thru myFico they are higher...but who can afford that. Better to wait until you are close to your refi before getting your real scores. TU will do for now, but keep in mind it can be way off from what the scores actually are. For me TU was much lower.

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^ what he said. Those scores are consistently 100 points lower that the real FICO for every CRA for me.

Yes TC FAKOS are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off.

Could be higher, could be lower.

But definatley way off base!

If you can get the collection delated it will make a huge difference. ( but you already knew that)

Good Luck and don't be discouraged TC is not accurate.

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