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Anyone here know anything about Tax Liens on CR?

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TU shows a tax lien (no other CRA's are reporting this info). I disputed the tax lien as 'not mine'.

Here is what it looks like on report before disputing:

CNTY COURT AT LAW JUD/SA Docket# xxxxxxxx


HOUSTON , TX 77251

Phone number not available

Type: Federal Tax Lien

Court Type: County Clerk

Date Filed: 06/1991

Responsibility: Individual

Plaintiff: U S A I R S

Amount: $7,878

Then I get this alert from TU:

New Public Record

A new public record has appeared on your credit report.

Here are the reported details of this new public record:

Reported By: TransUnion

Reported On: 04/07/2007

Public Record Type: Federal Tax Lien

Status: Filed

Date Filed/Reported: 06/01/1991

Reference Number: xxxxxxx

Closing Date:

Court Name: County Clerk


Liability Amount: null

Asset Amount: null

Anyone know what this means??? I just received updated CR and regarding the tax lien, there is no change. Looks just like it did prior to disputing it. So what is the point of the alert if it is not showing any different on the CR? How do I get this thing removed?

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The question is "is it yours"? If it is, it will stay on and probably show up on the other two (or more) credit bureau listings. They stay on for seven years AFTER YOU PAY to get them off. If the lien is valid, you will need to negotiate with the IRS (I presume they are the source of the Lien) to have them withdraw it if you agree to a payment program for the debt. Once they issue the "Withdrawal" you can send a copy to the Credit bureaus and they will quickly remove it. If the IRS will not negotiate this, contact your congressman/woman, state your case, and ask to be referred to the Taxpayer Advocates office. If your case is referred, the TaxPayer Advocate can order the withdrawal of the Lien, provided you agree to a repayment program. I have been there and done that.

If it is not yours, you should have no problem contesting it and having it removed.

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This is the first I had ever heard of this lien. I have never been notified of it and I'm pretty sure the IRS would've collected by now. I have been receiving tax refunds since 1991 except for 2003 where I owed the IRS $1,000 which I made payment arrangements with them and paid it off in 2004.

I do not owe this, that is why I disputed it as 'not mine'. It's the IRS you can't run from them, so only an idiot would try to dispute a tax lien when they know it is theirs.

What has me puzzled now is why the alert is showing 'null' but it still shows up on my report. I have no idea why they sent me an alert if it didn't even change anything. If the courts would've have verified that the lien is mine wouldn't it have said 'verified'? Also, it is 16 years oldl.

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Do you (or anyone else) know if there is a Taxpayers Advocate office or anything similar for state tax issues? Specifically for NY?

Also, I can add from personal experience that the TA office helped me A LOT with an issue from several years ago- joint tax return w/my ex on which he owed 10s of thousands from his business. We were separated and he signed my name without my consent to the joint return, bla bla bla (yes I could have fought it at the time but intimidation and fear were bigger issues than standing up for my rights.) Years went by, I moved back to PA, never heard a peep from the IRS till the year they kept my refund. I found out that my ex had made an offer in compromise settlement for a fraction of the total amount, so they came after me for the balance. I went round after round with them until finally finding the TA office, which- after like a DAY of researching the account- told me that I was past the SOA and the debt was uncollectable. I got my refund within a week. The thing is that the IRS won't tell you stuff like that. I *heart* the TA office!

Also, it is 16 years old.

I was told that the SOL is 10 years from the last activity on the account. NOT from the IRS- they don't like to tell folks stuff like that and they want you to believe that they are invincible and you can't win. But, from what I understand, ANY negotiations with them, such as even discussing an OIC, extends the SOL.

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I agree with Orgaknight! I had two tax liens and they were handled just like he said. I was able to get them removed from my credit report. I later learned that they were not supposed to be there in the first place. I did not know enough about credit then as I do now or they would have been gone long ago! ::BigGun:: My question is though...I see that USAIRS is the plantiff...is this a government firm you worked for? xheadscratchx I know of a case where an employee of the US Postal Service was overpaid and they put a tax lien on the account to get their money back. :waah:

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Thanks for the info Shari and Thomas! I'm going to contact TA.

Just got another strange alert from TU regarding my bankruptcy.....it is also saying null but still on my report. I'm wondering if those 2 public records are about to come off. I didn't even dispute the bankruptcy so it is strange to be getting an alert about it. It's not suppose to fall off until late 2008.

I really don't understand TU's alerts and I find their site more difficult to navigate than the others.

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