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How do you find out DOFD?


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To go back to your first question, I believe Equifax is the only CRA that reports the date of first deliquency. If you have ran a report and that report does not indicate that information, I would suggest disputing with the CRA if you haven't done so already. If they are simple just not reporting that information, then it may because they do not have it or any other information...which they are required to have.

To address your second question, no I do not believe the date of last activity is the same as the date of first deliquency. I suppose it could be the same, but not always.

I currently have an account that reports my date of last activity as 01/04...even though I made payments through 09/04...which was my date of first deliquency...or also referred to as date of last payment.

I'm pretty sure that by date of last activity they are referring about payments you have made on the account or if they have contacted you about the account.

I do not believe the date of last activity refers to the activity (or purchases) on the credit card account.

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