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A year ago I started working on my scores/credit again. They had tanked due to 2 causes...legal issues with one of my sons and a job layoff.

When I pulled myfico scores at the end of Mar 06 they were:

EQ - 468

EX - 523

TU - 559


That was about the LOWEST I had ever seen mine. No sense xdeadhorsex , so I got down to work. A got a few deletes (have a couple more to go...), an AU, a major CLI from Target Visa and then Chase took a horrendously inaccurate reporting of my previous mortgage (7 -30, 2 -60, 1-90 AND reporting that I was currently past due 60 days on a paid mortgage) to 1- 30 in Aug 2004 and Current in the status....

EX reported today so I couldn't help myself....

Drum roll......

EX - 655!!!!!!

TU hasn't updated Chase yet and my current FICO is - 659 so I can ONLY imagine what it will be in another day or two!

Although EQ updated, it only deleted the extraneous lates....status still says the same so the guy at Chase is working with EQ SH on that...so my current FICO there is still a lowly 584...

BUT I'M BACK!!!! Newest rejoiner of the 600 club and WELL on my way to the 700 club!

Woot Woot!


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