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Anyone delt with Time Warner and CNI?


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Got home to find a letter from CNI collections. I had disconnected Time Warner service and went elsewhere. (back to dish)

I had paid the bill, (the final one that arrived a couple weeks ago) and paid with C Card by phone, what the telephone thing said. Called TM to ask what this was all about, and I got a run around. I called CMI, and they said that I owed $11.28 more, and in order to get it taken care of, I had to do it via a card on the phone, because they are telling me that if I waited for an updated letter, I will be hit with another months charge. She told me she would take a minimum of 15 days for me to get the updated bill, and then I would be charged another fee for being a month late. So I give this person who has a way foreign accent the card number, she takes everything down, then tells me I will also be charged a 5 dollar processing fee. I just had to rant.

This is crazy! I know $5 is a small amount, but it is still irritating.

In hindsight, I realize that I should have demanded a letter stating this was

not going on the credit report. Then paid it after the fact. Of course it was such a minute amount, that I had no leverage. Sigh.....

Sorry had to rant. :evil: :evil:

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