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Crap One changing account info?


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I disputed this account on behalf of my husband through Experian. I have a copy of the original Experian report pulled a few weeks prior to the investigation being complete. I received the results but after further investigation I noticed they changed some dates on the tradeline, and now it is going to fall off a month later than it should.


Status: Account charged off/Past due 150 days. $594 written off. $1,049 past due as of Sep 2001.

Status Details:

This account is scheduled to continue on record until Nov 2007.

This item was verified and updated on Mar 2007.

Date Opened:


Reported Since:


Date of Status:


Last Reported:

09/2001 Type:




Monthly Payment:




Credit Limit/Original Amount:


High Balance:


Recent Balance:


Recent Payment:


Account History:

Charge Off as of Sep 2001, May 2001

150 days as of Apr 2001

120 days as of Mar 2001

90 days as of Feb 2001

60 days as of Dec 2000

30 days as of Nov 2000

*They have changed the reported since from 8/2000 to 6/2000.

* They changed the date of status from 6/2001 to 5/2001

All of the account history was changed to a month later...it originally said 30 days as of OCT 2000.

This was supposed to originally fall of in OCT 2007, now it says NOV 2007!

What can I do about this? I have not DV'd them yet, but I am getting one together as we speak!

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WoW...I also just noticed to that the have him as having :

Transunion: No lates reported

Experian : (1) 30 day (1) 60 day and (2) 90 days late

but on Equifax?!

Equifax: (1) 30 day (1) 60 day and (25) 90 day lates!

Could he have been 90 days late 25 times if his last payment was 9/2001?

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You definitely need to initiate another dispute through the CRAs. In your dispute mention the inaccuracies between the 3 CRAs and their duties to ensure accurate reporting. Have them investigate the payment history and accuracy of the dates. Be sure to do it in writing though, if you read the sticky about online disputes, you will see why I say that. Here is the link to the sticky. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=263996

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