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Will I be able to get a Discover? Citibank? Etc?

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Ok, so this probably seems like an obvious question, but I want to ask those of you that may have experience.

As a freshman in college, I got pretty much every card that was offered to me; Discover, Capital One, Verizon Visa, two Citibank cards, a Victoria's Secret card...and I defaulted on all of them except the VS. Fast forward now, five years (six in some cases) and most of the cards are off my credit report, nor is anybody attempting to collect them (as far as I know. I did have multiple incorrect addresses on my credit reports.) Discover had a judgment against me, which I just settled last month.

My question...will I even be able to get a credit card with any of these companies? Now or at any point in the future? Most of the cards that I see on the "Who pulls your credit" are cards that I've already had and lost.

I just applied for a CC through my credit union (who I've been a member of for the past four years, probably, and have a decent amount of cash invested with through checking, savings, CD, and IRA accounts) and got denied. :evil: I was so ticked when the representative called and left me that voicemail that I was ready to just close all accounts with their CU and go (except my logical side saying if I did that, I'd take a huge penalty on my CD and IRA CD.)

Have any of you that have recently been approved for these big name cards ever defaulted on an account with the same company in the past?

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While you're waiting for someone who has qualified for those cards to respond, I will offer the following....I believe it does depend on the credit card issuer. If you still owe them money though, don't bet on it. If you settled with Discover, is there still a balance that they "forgave?" If so, that MAY exclude them to.

I've heard of some credit card issuer's having so called "black-lists" and in those cases, I'm not sure you'd get approved even if you did pay them off...and that's sad, but some folks are strict and that's how they do their business. I can't say I blame them per say...after all, they feel slighted. On the other hand, if someone comes back and pays their debt--maybe that'd open things up a bit more.

If it were me, I'd research each of those credit card issuers individually. Find out who is good to work with, who is a challenge.

Good luck with your journey and remember...there are MANY credit card issuers, but it also takes time to rebuild yourself in the eyes of creditors. Pay your bills on time, get a secured card if you have to--build up that FICO and go from there. Show them your worth taking a risk on "this time" and that you won't default.


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I've had issues with capital one.

I had a charge off which is now off of my CR due to negative reporting after 7 years, (yeah that long ago) but I have made wonderful gains in credit repair but they have not forgotten. While I can get credit cards and car loans from a lot of lenders Cap 1 won't touch me. I recently tried to refinance my vehicle through them Fico 658; 1 derog showing med. collection for 98 dollars and I was straight up declined. Not even an unrealistic high APR offer declined. I wanted some furniture and the furniture store uses cap 1 financing. DECLINED.

They haven't forgotten me or the 300 I stiffed them 8 years ago for but one day...........they will want me to finance and guess what????? My credit report will be so wonderful that I will have multiple lenders at my beck and call.

I guess one can wishxdancex

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