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Suzuki & HSBC, big problems,need advice please!!!!


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Hi there. My husband and I are new to the site and have been finding so much helpful info, so thanks! The problem we are currently having involves Suzuki & HSBC. We got behind on our Suzuki payment, when I scheduled 2 payments to pay the account forward I noticed they never withdrew their funds. When I called they said that they cancelled the 2 payments and have sent the account to collections even though I still had 3 days before their alloted 40 days were up. Now HSBC has sent the account to a CA and they are refusing anything less than $464 per month for 2 years auto debit from my account. I can't really afford that, but I set it up to try and prevent a chargeoff. Also, the account was set up as a revolving credit account and the ATV titles were mailed to us. The CA says they will repo the atv's and we will still be liable for the $11,000 if we miss any payments. What are our rights and what other options do I have? Can they really repo the atv's when they mailed us the titles, signed over to us to register and title? :cry:

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