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Its to bad...


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First of all let me start off by saying, everyone has weaknesses. Its to bad I posted a thread and one person in particular had rude things to say. Its sad after the virginia tech shootings and everything that has happened to this country that people are still this way and bring people down. I will say to this one person ( you know who are you) Im sure you have weaknesses too. They say the reason people bring others down is because they have there own problems and insecurities. Grammer may be one of mine, yes you are right. Honestly tho, you have weaknesses to and I am not gonna go to your level and bring you down because of it. I'll just pray for you. My grammer and spelling are not the best, but what do you know about me? Yea, nothing. For all you know I could be trying to improve this weakness of mine. I feel sorry for you. Also, I do know things about collections but I do not know all. That was a true story, and I am not a CA or neither a child of a CA. I just did not know if there was anything I could do with this situation being such a long time ago. Anyways, thank you to the one individual who stuck up for me a little bit.

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ok, I'll take this one...

You are right, we all have weaknesses (mine was having 4 accounts go to collections) and maybe we jumped on you prematurely,

but you gotta understand our side too.

Everyone here on this Forum has been abused, beaten down, and made to feel to feel like a piece of crap by a CA. So when a person comes here and starts talking like a CA,

" If you just paid you bills on time, this wouldn't have happened"

- we freak because,

We already know that! :evil: DUH!!!

We don't need to be grand-standed by anybody.

We made a mistake


most of us here just want to

pay it off in full

and get it deleted from our CRs,

but getting a CA to do that is so difficult,

it makes you wanna ...... go postal.

Most of us here just want to get our Credit Repaired

and keep it that way for the rest of our lives.

I never want to deal with these CA Jacks ever again.

As for me,

I will pay an OC and take them to SCC

before I have to deal with another CA.

So, I am sorry :oops:...

Oh, and see how I laid out my post?,.. I'm

not saying my grammar is better, because it's not,


kinda easier to read, yea?

Now go post a new thread and ask your question again,

... OK

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Shokansan_3...1st I wanted to say I'm sorry about your mishap. :cry:

Without trying to take sides here I'd like to maybe give you a little helpful advise.

You, like myself seem to be newbies here. I don't know about your experience online in regards to posting in forums, but I do have a little bit of experience so I knew where to go and how to get started.

At the beginning of this forum there is an area that reads...

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING...Board Announcements....

In there is suggests that we write our posts in a way that is "easy on the eye" (as one might say) so that those reading can understand what we are writing and respond more accurately.

Included in that it talks about run on sentences (not having commas, periods, etc.), no paragraphs, typing your whose post in all capital letters, etc. etc.

That is why the comments were made to your post. It was not a personal thing, to attack you personally in any way.

No one expects anyone to be writing experts using proper grammar and spelling rules to their fullest. BUT, writing in the manner asked of us, helps everyone.

These requests are there really is to serve us best. The better we post the easier it is for everyone to read, understand and respond faster.

You have to remember many people spend endless hours reading and responding here (in their "free time"), helping us as much as possible.

I for one, am grateful for their dedication and have learned an abundant amount of information that will help me in my upcoming credit battles!

With that said, I would like to welcome you here. I hope you put this behind you, stay and continue to be educated. xangelx

ps...if you haven't read the post for newcomers that I mentioned above, may I suggest that you do so it may help you out...it did me! :-)

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answer2prayer-Very well stated.

I would like to add that, in the future, if you decide you would like to add your comments, please refrain from passing judgment on any person. If you were not in their shoes at the time of their dilemma, you cannot, and must not, pass judgment. If you are williing to sit back, read the required posting rules, and not make any further comments about someone else's situation without knowing the whole story, I will make an effort to help. Only if you make the effort though. Okay?

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While I agree with the other posters, I wanted to point out that according to the "Posting 101" any 'bickering should be done via PM".

If you had a problem with a response you received, then you should have PM'd the poster or a Moderator to point it out. Posting it on this forum was (IMHO) out of line and in very bad form.

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I'd like to throw in my 2 cents. All of us here are in different stages of credit repair/credit dilemma. If we didn't have a problem at one point, we wouldn't have sought out this forum for answers.

I'm one of the naive ones...I paid my bills, I paid them on time. No lates in over 7 years...BUT...I'm still a victim of CA/JDB reporting on my credit reports, and I need help in dealing with them. I don't know the laws...I felt if I paid my bills, I would be fine, but it didn't work that way.

I've learned a tremendous amount of information from this forum and I appreciate every post I get in reply to a question. This is how we learn. I've been in the same shoes as others on this board and they have my utmost respect and appreciation for taking their time to help others who aren't as knowledgeable, like me.

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I don't hold grammar and sentence structure against people. Usually one can read thru and figure out what was intended, but sometimes one has to ask and get clarification. Misplaced periods and commas can work wonders, and missing words can be downright perplexing.

That said, your message seemed very clear to me. In latter posts, you've tweaked your tone, your sentence and paragraph structure, and added in more conventional punctuation.

Lotta folks in here have had their fill of holier than thou attitudes which manifest themselves in statements like:

"you know you owe the debt right? there is no getting around that"

"Honestly just pay it off...first of all you have the money and you owe it so just do it...its the right thing"

"you should do whatever you can do to pay it off"

"i have strong beleifs on paying your bills"

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