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Major probelm New Century Mortgage & Credit Report


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ok since I am new at this I will try and be as knowledgeable and accurate as possible.

Previous Mortgage company was New Century. Has problems from the start with them. Received my Feb 2/06 statement showing I owed Total Amt due of 2040.00 because I was late in Jan.Also on the statement was a mis applied called Suspense Balance credit of 1317.34 due me.

I sent via Fed ex a check for 2040.00 also asked what a suspense balance was and why there was a credit amount in this item. No answer about the suspense. They deposited the check cashed by my bank on 2/21/06.

On March 2/06 I received a letter from them stating I was three months late and they had put me into forclosure.

Scared and stupid I guess, I called them Spoke with Cindy she said I owed $2,622.00,she had to have it or foreclosure would proceed and to call back on 3/22 because she had to order paperwork. I borrowed the money and sent the check fed ex overnight.

3/22 I called back as instructed but could not get Cindy got Nellie she said Cindy was wrong and I had to send another 1120.00 which I borrowed and sent Fed ex over night. She said I would hear back from her. 3/26,3/27,3/28,3/29 through 4/3 no one called me but I called them every day.

They could not find the checks I sent sent fed ex and said I never sent them even though I gave them the name of the person that signed for the overnights.

On 4/4 finally I got through to a Virginia she apologized and said someone goofed up and the funds had to be sent certified funds and they were returning my checks. So off to the bank I went and certified $5,255.43 and sent it overnight signature required. Virginia said this brought me up to date including April. I asked that she make sure all the forclosure fees were refunded to me and late fees because I was not late. She agreed to do this.

On 4/4 after sending the funds I faxed in a letter of dispute of amount oweing them.

On 4/10 Virginia davis called me and left a messages state she took care of everything and I would receive a May statement shortly.

By 4/14 I still had not receive anything called and left messages for a call back for 7 days straight. On 5/4 Virginia called me stating I was out of foreclosure but I had to send her May's payment via Western Union which I did the same day. She called bank and confirmed she received it.

On 5/12 I received a letter from New Century saying I had been reinstated but my May 1 payment was due. I called back talked to Ms Farris told her everything from the start and gave her the MTCN number from Western Union May's payment.

On 5/25 I received a call from collections Devin about the same she asked me to fax the Western Union receipt and my bank statement showing the funds taken out which I did.

On 5/25 I faxed in another copy of my payment dispute. During all of this I kept asking how all of the money was applied and kept getting promises I would get a statement which I still have never gotten as of today.

On 6/15 I received a call from Tamika Collections about the same thing (Not getting May's payment) she said she would get everything fixed and call me back.

By 6/17 I was in tears and angry and starting looking for a new mortgage company. I called the Mortgage Assistant Department and refused to speak with anyone but Virginia who would never call me back. I contacted Wells Fargo and got a great agent Don NEwhouse. I explained everything to h im he said he could not really do anything until I got the forclosure off my credit and suggested I call the CEO of New Centruy.The secretary for the CEO promised me someone would call me back they gave me Joy Dennis in legal.

7/10 Joyce Dennis,Don Newhouse and I was on many telephone conversations. She said she would get it straightenout. On 7/16 I will had not heard from her I left a message stating I wanted a complete breakdown on how funds were applied I should not have been put into foreclosure and wanted all late fees reversed and forclosure fees reversed. We were shooting for a closing date in August.

On 7/31 Joyce called me and told me I had to make another Western Union payment which I did that same day and called her back with the MTCN number.

On 8/8 Joyce called Don Newhouse and told him she did a rapid correct and everything was fixed. I called back and told her I wanted a written statement on everything which I still have not received.

All of a sudden I didn't hear back from Don Newhouse. I found out after a month, that he left the company. So now I didn't have a mortgage to go to. So I went anywhere I could to get out of New Century. I closed on my new loan Sept 9th.

Now new Century is still calling me late for July and September even though they didn't even have my loan in September. I disputed this through the Credit reports and their results were New Century will not change the outcome. I have sent New Century letters disputing it.

Just yesterday I copied 50 pages of cancelled checks, fax receipts, fed ex receipts, letter from them including the last statement I ever received from them dated 2/21/06. I have copies of everything.

How do I get this cleaned up they have cost me thousands on closing cost becasue of the company I am with and they put me at a 9-1/2% because of New Century. I could have been at a 6-1/2 or 7. I just need to know what to do next to make them correct my credit history.

In speak with banks and mortgage companies they said I need to have the July 60 day off and the September 60 day off but they just won't do that.

Sorry about being so long winded

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Welcome DeeT. Wish I could give you some advise on how to handle your situation but I am a newbie here too and don't feel experienced enough, yet anyway, LOL!

I'd like to say that you may not have many respond to your post right away....so please allow me to give you a little info to let you know why.....

You might not know this and I definitely don't know about your experience online in regards to posting in forums, but I do have a little bit of experience so I knew where to go and how to get started.

At the beginning of this forum there is an area that reads...

PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING...Board Announcements....

In there is suggests that we write our posts in a way that is "easy on the eye" (as one might say) so that those reading can understand what we are writing and respond more accurately.

Included in that it talks about run on sentences (not having commas, periods, etc.), no paragraphs breaks, typing your whole post in all capital letters, etc. etc.

No one expects anyone to be writing experts using proper grammar and spelling rules to their fullest. BUT, writing in the manner asked of us, helps everyone.

These requests are there really to serve us best. The better we post the easier it is for everyone to read, understand and respond faster.

You have to remember many people spend endless hours reading and responding here (in their "free time"), helping us as much as possible.

I for one, am grateful for their dedication and have learned an abundant amount of information that will help me in my upcoming credit battles!

With that said, if you haven't read the post for newcomers that I mentioned above, may I suggest that you do so, it may help you out...it did me!

And secondly, you might try to edit your post and try to break those paragraphs up so it's easier to read and absorb...then you'll probably have more responding to help you out!

Again welcome! 8]

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Good for you for keeping such good records. It appears that you have sustained actual damages, since their credit reprting has cost you many thousands of dollars in damages. Other sections of the board will be able to help you out on that part.

You will need to send a qualified written request for your mortgage transcripts to New Century Mortgage Company. They are bound by law to respond within 60 days.

Here is a link to the RESPA laws regarding record keeping reqiured and a sample letter to use: Here is a link for RESPA information to help you out with your letter.


If you do a search using the search button in this forum, and type in "Qualified Written Request," there should be several situations regarding this topic.

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I have my leter prepared but it sucks because you have to allowed them 15 days to read it and another 20 for them to reply. Plus it suggest to give them a telephone number where they cn reach you. Which I will not do because each time you speak with them they give you a different result then when they put something on paper it different from what they told you.

It does not say if I should mail it certified but I will anyway and basicaly this is the same stuff I have sent to them before but previously I did not title the letter.

Thank you very much for your help

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I don't have them anymore but I have been talking to Countrywide seems like a pretty good agent. He told me to get the late they are showing in July (60) day and a 60 day in September and he would get me a 7% rate. I needed to get out of them so I am at 9 1/4% that is a big difference. The sad situation is I was not late in July and closed on my new mortgage September 1. I cannot figure out how they are calling me late in September since I didn't have them as my mortgage company?

The name of the person in charge of the legal department if you or anyone else needs it

Joyce Dennis 949-517-5705 Even though she did not good for me maybe she can help someone out that is if she is still with them they got rid of 54% of their employees.

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Well I sent overnight Fed Ex the qualified written request to New Century. I figured overnight may save me some time and they still have to sign for it . I sent it to Joyce Dennis head of the leagal department and another copy to Brad Morrice CEO, Wish me luck. This is the same thing I sent before without the Title and they responded with a computer generated letter stating I was late in July and September.

I feel like I am lost here especially with their bankruptcy It sucks

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Best of luck to you. Yes, it is a pain to wait for twenty days for them to acknowledge, and gives them up to sixty days to resolve the issue, but if it is done properly, and they still cannot resolve the issue, you will have recourse to follow up.

My question to you is, why did you not do exactly as the instructions stated to send this letter? It specifically states to send it to Customer service, not the CEO or head of legal. I sincerly hope that this does not cause further delay.

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I did send the letter originally as instructed. They responded with a computer generaled letter saying it was verified. I got mad because this is the same thing I have gotten for 8 months so I tried sending to the CEO to see if I got anything.

The funds transfered on September 10th. I verified with the new title company before. I thought maybe that was why they were calling me late but I still would not be 60 days. There was a credit amount on my account I even received a 315.00 refund from them after I closed.

The company deserves to go out of business.

Thank you for all of your help I do sincerely appreciate every word I have received and read with the support of this group

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hi centlo....welcome....

you post a question just like you posted here or are you wanting to know about starting a new thread???

Go to the home page of the forum it lists all the Main forum titles....(those are set by Admin...you can't add a new foum title)

Find the forum you want to post a new thread in...

Go to the top of the page where it says New Thread

Type in your Title and proceed with typing your question...

hope this helps....

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ok this is so out of it. I just got a letter in todays mail from New Century post marked March 20, 2007. Don't know why it took so long to get here but it says.

The letter is also dated March 20, 2007

Dear Mortgagor (s):

The New Century Mortgage Corporation Customer Service Department has received your inquiriry regarding the above referenced loan. Our records are currently being reviewed in an effort to address your concern (s), and you will be notified shortly of the results.

New Century Mortgage Corporation is committed to customer satisfaction, and we appreciate your patience during this process. If you have additional questions regarding this matter, please contact the Customer Service Department at (800) 561-4567, Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 6:PM Pacific Time.


Customer Service Department

New Century Mortgage Corporation

Now my question is since this is dated and mailed March 20, 2007 it is over the 30 day period and they still have not responded. Do I go to the bureau's and demand the late payments be removed.

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Honestly this is so fustrating. I just received a copy of my TR credit report. Previously I had a 60 day late on July and September. I did everything by the letter you recommended.

On the new report they have taken out the 60 day and placed an "X" in the box. When looking up the X code it means Unknown.

I would think I need it to say current which the payment was. Do I send TR another letter? Stating this is incorrect that it should be current?

Once again Thank you for all of your help

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Honestly this is so fustrating. I just received a copy of my TR credit report. Previously I had a 60 day late on July and September. I did everything by the letter you recommended.

On the new report they have taken out the 60 day and placed an "X" in the box. When looking up the X code it means Unknown.

I would think I need it to say current which the payment was. Do I send TR another letter? Stating this is incorrect that it should be current?

Once again Thank you for all of your help

DeeT, personally, I'd contact Countrywide and tell them you are continuing to dispute with them but at this time they at least did take off the "late" comments and if that would be suffice at the moment for them to move forward....

who knows, :hmm: they might accept it and move forward with the X there ?!?! :woohoo:

you could still continue to dispute but at least be moving forward with Countrywide at the same time....

I think it's worth a try, all they can say is no, they need the X to be off too :waah: or they can say yes :twothumbsup:

Don't give up, ;-) it'll all be worth it in the end! :rainbow:

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The agent said to wait and try to get New Century to report correctly. Well I have been trying that for 6 months now. I am goint to DV New Century one more time. I don't know what else to do with them.

I did have a idea....My new mortgage began September 1 and payments are on time. They sold me to Country wide in Feb 07 and everything has been on time. I called Countrywide today because I noticed they were not reporting on my credit reports. They said they don't report the first two months. I asked if they could make an exception and they said yes. She put through the order today she said it should post around May 3rd. That should give me 6 months of good credit.

I also went to the court house today and got a paid judgment vacated and plan on sending the sealed docs to the big three tomorrow.

I am thinking between the two of these it should bring the score up. To refi Countrywide would like me around 602.

I wish I had the formula to figure this out.




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Well New Century never answered my certified letter of investigation received by them on March 12th. They never responded to my qualified writted request that date is not up until next week.

I sent a demand to the big 3 demanding they remove the negative credit history because New Century didn't respond etc.....

How long do I have to wait until they reply? I sent it to them certified about 1 hour ago

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