Major probelm New Century Mortgage & Credit Report

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Is this the second Qualified Written Request that you have sent to New Century?

You definitely have a win situation regarding the September payment. You have proof, and yes Countrywide will be able to see this. Armed with this information, Countrywide wil be able to to a rapid rescore to correct the late payment (should that be necessary). In the meantime, continue to let the RESPA laws work for you.

What you essentially want from them is the written proof that you were not late. Armed with that, you will be able to send the information to the Credit Bureaus.

Now, a bit of advice regarding your refinance. Hold the course until the June 60 day late has past twelve months. At that time you will be able to show no mortgage lates for the past twelve months, and you should be able to get more favorable rates.

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Please don't think I am anal when you read this.

on 3/12 I disputed with the 3 CB certified

3/12 I sent NC a letter requesting the send me a copy of my complete payment history Fed Ex overnight basically a letter of investigation

CA came back verified as I knew they would since I had done this before

4/15 I sent NC a qualified written request no answer on this one yet.

4/1 I sent NC second request for investigation

Here is the anal part included in each mailing incl the big 3 I had this chart and copies of every check fax receipt certified mailing fed express mailing date and time of each conversation, every letter received from New Century

Items faxed with confirmation Balance Due Notes

to New Century .

2-2-2006 2040.73 Statement Amount due

Suspense Credit Balance

due me on your statement (1317.45) Misapplied funds by New Century was told by Cindy, foreclosure department, Nellie foreclosure department, Virginia Davis, foreclosure department, Joyce Dennis foreclosure department. None of these people knew why these funds sent to you by me were placed in a Suspense Account. If you would like phone records from my home verifying my speaking to these people I will gladly supply them.

Payment 2/21/06 (2033.00) Check # 9669

Payment Fed Ex receipt

# 8484972 (3622.00) Check 9681

New century sent foreclosure letter dated 3/14/2006 sending me into foreclosure I had a credit balance in February and you received additional funds on 3/13 and I was still sent to foreclosure because I was told no payment was made for the past three months.

On 3/17/2006 I called the foreclosure department and spoke with Cindy, your employee at 9:40 AM. She could not explain why the load was in foreclosure. Cindy stated it should not be in foreclosure. Cindy confirmed you did not have a check in the amount of $3,622.00 even though I had the signed receipt from Fed Ex. She did not know why there was monies in a suspense account and didn’t know what to do other than to order additional paperwork. I was told to call back on 3/22 and she would have the paperwork by then.

On 3/22/2006 I called as instructed and asked for Cindy. She was not available and I had no choice but to speak with Nellie. I asked the same questions as before: suspense account balance etc. Nellie said she did not know what a suspense account was. She said she did not know why money was in the suspense account. She confirmed that she did not receive the money I sent Fed ex even though I had the signed receipt. I gave her the name of the person who signed for the money received. Nellie told me I had to send in another $1,120.00 to clear the foreclosure or my house would be sold.

Fed Ex receipt dated 3/23

# 857278415990 sent overnight (1120.00) Check 9684

On April 8, 2007 I still had not receive a statement from New Century. I called back and asked for Nellie. I could not speak with Nellie and got Virginia Davis. She said she could not tell me what the suspense credit was, she did not know why it was in foreclosure and since I mailed the money I did not have to go to court. “This would all be cleared and taken care of”.

March Payment due 1,633.87 No statement received

April Payment Due 1,633.87 No statement received

funds returned to me over

month after they were

sent to you 1120.00


4/9/2006 I still had not received a statement so I called back Virginia Davis. She returned my call saying there was a major mix up and she did find the check I had sent via Fed Ex but these checks were returned to me. I had not received them back. She said the funds had to be sent via certified funds and to send $5,255.43. This would bring me completely up to date including Aprils payment. On April 9th these funds were sent via certified Bank check

Funds sent fed Ex

overnight #8572784 (5,255.43) Bank Check

On 4/10 I received a telephone message from Virginia Davis stating everything was fine I would receive my statement shortly.

On 4/10 I finally received my checks that your company stated they never got back in the mail. These are the same checks your employees verified that ever received even though I faxed in copies of the Fed Ex receipt to them.

On 4/14 I called Virginia Davis because I never received a statement and spoke with Anthony. He said he would leave an e-mail for Virginia Davis to contact me which did not happen. I never received a call.

May Payment Due 1,633.87 No Statement received

On May 4th I called Virginia Davis again she said she didn’t know what was going on. She asked me to hold on the line. When she came back she told me I had to Western Union the May payment. She apologized that this was not done yet but assured me this would be the last of it. She explained that it is taking a little time to get everything fixed. I told her I wanted all the late charges removed because I was not late and all the foreclosure fees removed. And I had all the Fed ex receipts to prove it.

Western Union

MTCN 9050971 (1,633.87) Western Union Payment

On 5/4 I once again called back Virginia Davis with the MTCN number from Western Union. Virginia Davis called me back and left a message that once again everything was fine, up to date and I would receive a statement showing all the payment made that June would be due on the 1st.

Letter from New Century

On May 12th I received a letter from New Century stating I owed for the May payment. I called Virginia Davis this same day and left a message. She never called me back.

Fax receipt dated 5/25

On May 25th I received a call from Devin in collections stating I owed for the May payment. I explained all of the above to Devin. She asked me to fax her over a copy of the Western Union payment and she would correct everything.

On 6/12 I received a call from Lateasha she said Devin NEVER posted that she received the fax. I re-faxed the paperwork and faxed over a copy of the fax receipt I sent to DEVIN.

On 6/15 I spoke with Tamika she said she never received either of the faxes showing the May payment made via Western Union so I faxed her a copy of the Western Union receipt, a copy of the fax receipt to DEVIN and copy of the fax receipt to Tamika

June payment due 1,633.87 No Statement received

Western Union MTCN


Western Union MTCN# 8779893

Note: Had to do two different transactions

because I had to transfer from

different bank account. (1259.00)


Joyce Dennis legal department entered the picture with Don Newhouse from Wells Fargo Mortgage. We all had multiple telephone conversations. Joyce asked me to Western Union yet another payment to her which I did MTCN 8779893 on July 31 2006. Joyce stated she would get everything straightened out and mail me a copy of all the corrections which I never received. She said all late charges would be credited back to me all legal fees I was being charge would be credited back to me.

On August 8th she spoke again with Don Newhouse and myself obviously too late for a July closing. She said “Everything is Up to Date, nothing is late and the credit file would be corrected”. Which has not been done to this date

On September 5, I closed with a new company funds were transfered to you on Sept 9th receipt attached.

Amount Due Payment Received Balance

Feb Statement 2040.73 2040.73

Mis applied funds

suspense balance 1317.45 723.28

Check received

#9669 2033.00 -1309.72 credit due me

March payment 1633.87 324.15

Bank Check

received fed Ex 5255.43 -4931.28 credit due me

April Payment 1633.87 -3297.41 credit due me

May payment due 1633.87 -1663.54 credit due me

June payment due 1633.87 29.67

Western Union

payment see above1751.42 -1781.09 credit due me

July payment due 1633.87 -147.22 credit due me

August payment 1633.87 1486.65

Western Union

payment see above1259.00

Western Union

payment see above 604.22 - -376.57 credit due me

Mortgage funded September 9th paperwork attached. Note you refunded me a check in this amount a short time ago proof that I am correct

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same thing with me. litton loan . they toook payments didnt apply the money and tried to forclose on me. they made my credit so bad 30-60-90 days late ,this after giving 4000 and 5000 payments . took 6 month for someone to refi. contrywide, they are great 30 yr fix #5.8, now old paperwork is with a lawyer checking to find where my money went. i want to get them before the gov. does. they will be out soon.

but refi soon. takes time. an some money, 5 k,

if you want my guys name send me a email.

im sure he can help.



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I got out of them last September with a company called Argent who sold me off to Countrywide in Feb of this year. My interest is 9 1/2% very high. Countrywide called me because of the re-fi program they have going. The agent was great he told me to get rid of the July late and September late and he could re fi around 6-7 which would save me a lot of money monthly. The program they have is a no cost re fi which would also save me more money.

New Century is bankrupt I don't expect to get any money out of them they don't have any and I will be very low on the list of getting paid. I just want my credit fixed.

I think my next step is the big 2 actually 2 now Experian just removed the lates for July and September looks like they were the only ones who actually read what I sent to them. I am extremely anxious to see what EQ and TU do with the mailing I just sent. I am giving them 15 days and will try and file against them especially since NC will not respond

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i alreday got litton removed from ex. i disputed and they didnt respone.

i will wait another month an do tu and then eq. these companies are going out . ;last thing they are going to do is report to a cba,

takes time.


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You are going to have exercise little patience, and let the QWR take care of this for you. You sent this on April 24, 2007. New Century must send you acknowledgement by May 15 or so.

June 24, 2007 or so, they must correct all errors, and send you an actual transcript of all your payment history (I hope you requested this in your letter). This is what you will need in case they do not correct your credit report, and have to take them to court.

After you have all the facts, then you may proceed. You need this information.

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I hope it's time to do the Happy Dance. I got updated from TC today wouldn't you know it but all of the Big 3 are now reporting differently for New Century. The September late is gone and Experian is the only one that is correct reporting no lates in 2006. EQ has me late in June and July TU is reporting X and 60 in July.

I was so P.O I decided the MOV was my only way to go. I called each of the Big 3 and asked whom they spoke with and for a telephone number. I then decided to call New Century which I did not want to do and got Melissa. Who is as stupid as they come. She said the only "thing" they got from my was back on March 14 asking for my payment record.

I asked about the other CMRRR sent. She said "well we thought those were the same thing" and we responded to the Credit Bureaus already so we didn't respond. I asked if anyone there knew how to read........."What the hell are you doing no wonder the company went bankrupt" "Just how dumb are you people" I could not hold it any longer.

She asked me what the problem was I explained everything from the beginning told them they were under many violations blah blah. She stuck me on hold for about 20 minutes. Came back and said she just talked to her supervisor Noemi. Her supervisor told her to have me fax everything to her attention and she would have all the lates removed for 2006.

I asked why she needed everything since I already CMRRR it twice to them. She said she needed it I explained that is over 103 pages of documents including cancelled checks. She said she also wants a copy of my credit report. I asked why she said they correct it already and just want proof that it was not corrected. I asked what they corrected she said everything.

I don't want to screw this up and I want them to hold true to removing all the lates from 2006. What would you do. I am beyond mental right now. The promise sounds good but they are stupid people that never have done what they said they would.

I need to compose a letter with all of this stuff too. I would like to tell them to ------but I think that would really screw me up with them.

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