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Sample Recon Letter? Cant find Search

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I have put "recon" , I have put "reconsideration letter" I have put "reconsideration" all in the searches and it brings up stuff about it, but it I cant find a sample letter to use. Does anyone have one or tell me where to find one? I tried to write one on my own, but it doesnt sound very profeesionnal.

thanks in advance

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Here's one I sent to CITI:

Dear Sir or Madam;

Thank you for considering my credit application, and I know that my credit reports show a less than ideal applicant. However, I am writing today to ask that you reconsider my application.

My fiancé and future Father-in-law are both loyal CITIcard cardholders, and they have only good things to say about their cards. Hoping to build the same type of relationship with your company, I applied online for a CITI Platinum Select MasterCard, and I received the “we need further processing” response. After a few days, I called in and asked a customer service representative (who by the way was incredibly polite and professional) about the status of my application. She told me my application was denied due to an outstanding past due balance on my Equifax credit report.

This outstanding balance is not correct. It is an attempt by Arrow Financial Services, a collection agency, to hold my credit hostage in exchange for payment that they are not legally entitled to collect. For the past 6 months I have been trying to correct this item, but Arrow keeps “validating” this debt, making it appear to others as if I was a high credit risk, which I most certainly am not. I am currently in the process of making payment to the original creditor on this account, as I try not to deal with collection agencies and would rather fulfill my obligations directly to the original creditors.

I admit, I am young, and I have made some mistakes in my past. I have not been even one day late on a payment in over two years, and what mistakes I have made in my past I have been correcting.

I ask for your understanding in this matter, and respectfully request CITI reconsider its initial denial of my application. I would be most appreciative.

Whatever your decision, thank you again for considering my request.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

That letter resulted in them replying that they would be more than happy to reconsider my application, please send them a copy of my EQ report. I did that and sent on Wednesday.

EDIT: Please be sure to edit that letter to apply to your situation.

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