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Aloha All,

Question on DV. Sent an attorney who is working for LVNV a DV on 2/22, no responce yet, it was within the inital 30 days. The atty office did a hard pull on my CR, thus creating an inquiry.:shock:

So in my letter I used the line that said if they can not prove the debt within 30 days of receipt they must remove from my CR.

Here's my question's:

-Since the atty was assigned the debt by LVNV, and they did not validate does LVNV have to remove from my CR?

-Since they atty did not validate the debt, do they have to remove the inquiry?

Laws, rules that apply?


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hey, Aloha bra. :)

If you did indeed DV within 30 days from the FIRST date of contact than I

see a possible violation.....


When did they do a hard pull,

Was it before or after they received your DV letter.

You have confirmation of delivery right?

If you have confirmation of delivery and they pulled an Inquiry after the day they received your letter than a hard pull would constitute

'collection activity' and would be a violation.

-Since the atty was assigned the debt by LVNV, and they did not validate does LVNV have to remove from my CR?

The FDCPA states that they cannot actively collect on the debt until they send you proof that itis yours.

Dispute with the CRA today, if they respond as "verified", you have another violation.

Have you read that Primer? I now I keep referring people to it but it's very good info.... http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=263069

They are not going to delete the TL just because you tell them to.... sorry :-(

Dive suggests to get as many violations as possible and then fax an ITS letter.

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Mahalo Nui! The inquiry was before the DV was even sent out, nothing since from either the atty or LVNV, so I will watch and wait. Now, LVNV could pull it back and reassign it and that's not a violation, right?

And I see you saying to dispute with the CRA, for LVNV(JDB from BofA), LVNV would be in violation if they verified, since they have not responded to the DV, correct?

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