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Credit Union-adding Fees To Car Loan

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History- Had joint car loan w/ credit union in NV for 72 months. Loan pay off date is 9/06. Made payments till 12/06. Moved out of state, thought car was paid for. Husband had CC account w/ them that was charged off. Thought they were trying to collect for CC. CU tried to combine CC & car loan (isn't that illegal?).

To date-Got nasty late letter in Mar 07. Call CU to get statement to make sure I was paying on car only, they say payoff is $1189.00. 1 wk later, an "Investigator" wants to know where car is to repo. Called CU again to ask for paperwork again & have them stop their repo man. Say they won't no matter what. After investigating payment history, found they took one of my payments in 2003 toward CC which kind of thru account off balance w/ late fees etc which is why I owed so much. Ask CU for payoff balance. They state even if I pay off car, I will never get the title till the CC is paid off no matter what (used to be $1,300 in 2002, now $1,900!):shock: .

Send them a cashiers check in same month for $1200. They sent monthly statement showing $64.00 still owed. CCR says same still owed.

Today received a past due notice saying:

payment $292.11

Balance $539.39

Due Date 4/3/07

Past Due $244.75

Husband calls to find out what is going on & they respond it's for "Investigated Fees". 88-) Is this dirty or what? I was going to send the $64.00 & get the car loan over with & tell them to pound salt on the CC since it was past the SOL. Will they try to get my car again? The repo people said they came out 2x. I know they did once as that's how I got paperwork. CU says they charge for mileage. I live way out in the sticks. How do I know they came out twice? There is no breakdown on the charges for anything from CU. Do I have to pay this?!!

Any help is appreciated.

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Is that legal? We had car loan way before husband had CC. There is nothing on our contract that states this. The contract was w/ the dealership. Don't have any contract w/ CU (not that I can find). They sent paperwork in 2003 stating the CC was an unsecure loan. The Dragon at CU stated they couldn't come get the car after loan was paid but I could never get title!! So do I own it or not?:confused:

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I read this last night and have been thinking of it since. From what I can think and see, the car loan is a seperate item from the CC, they should not even be together. As far as getting the title, unless you authorized the CU to use the vehicle as security for the CC, thry can't and you get your title once it's paid off. This sounds really fishy. Have you talked to the manager of the accounts dept at the CU or just the lower ones? That or it might be time to get some legal advice, which is where I would go. THere might be some small little known law in that state that the CU is using.

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