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DV Letters work!!

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I DV'd Cavalry Portfolio Services and Anchor Receivables Management and both sent letters telling me they closed my accounts and are reporting to the CRA's to delete the TL's.

Did you dispute the TL's with the CRA's first or did you just DV the CA's

Did you sign your DV letters?

How long did it take for them to get back to you?

How old where these debts?

and lastly (i promise )

How much were these debts for?


Also UNCforest:

I'd also like to point out that I think MadinKS is a great contributer to this board. Always a friendly welcome and advice.

I couldn't agree more Madin is awesome but um.....GO PACKERS!!!! 8-)

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Anchor Receivables was for a closed bank account that had an existing balance that I was unaware of. I DV'd them and advised them they were collecting on a debt that I was never informed I owed. Cavalry was for an AT&T account that was not mine. Both were new TL's on my credit reports. I disputed both online and of course they came back verified because the CRA's only use a computer generated call to verify. Once I DV'd both companies and threatened legal action if they did not validate the debts, they sent the letters. I sent both letters CMRR and the time between them signing the green card and the letter was 2 business days. the AT&T debt was for $106 and the Bank debt was for $176. I signed both DV letters but signed my signature over my printed name so they could not lift it and use it.

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