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Anyone else have a CA try this


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There's been a CA trying to collect from me for almost a year now. Yesterday, I got an email from their HR department saying they saw my resume on Monster (which it is) and that they feel I am a great fit for the company.

That is just so ballsy, an interesting approach by them I gotta say. Needless to say I have zero interest in that kinda of job regardless of collection status with them or any other CA.

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I’d be suspicious of the offer

.... are you unemployed?

Is there a way that refusing a job could be used against you?

if it went to court... I don't know

I'd suspect that's the offer is bogus....

why in the world would they want a person

with a prior Collection Account

work for them.

You may actually have some sympathy for the people

they are going after. A bad thing in the mind of a CA I imagine...


If you are unemployed, Why not look into it?

Even if you took the job only for a week or 2.

Don't you think it would be interesting to

find out the inner workings of the enemy,

and a huge BONUS would be to

get your TL deleted.

You could report back to us your findings. :lol: :lol: :lol::D

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those two divisions are not tied together..chances are its pure coincidence. the people who are browsing Monster are NOT the same people in collections..my guess is those that contacted you don't even know you owe the debt because they are not privy to that information.. and may not even be in the same state, they could easily be an outsourced company hired to look for viable candidates... they are simply recruiting...

and Hawaii guy.. your comment about refusing the job and wondering if it can be held against you???? Come on , these people are not the great and powerful oz.. you give them WAY too much credit.. its just a business transaction.. its not personal (I know it feels thats way)... but lets not give them more power or intelligence then they have.

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