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My DV situation (comments and advice very much appreciated)

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After scrounging through every nook and cranny of the cic site I made my attempt at clearing my credit report with confidence. I simultaneously sent the 1st DV letter to the 16 companies on the CR and to the big 3 CRA's on 3/16/07.

I received an updated credit report from Equifax about two weeks after I sent them a request to remove items. My investigation results showed that they had removed all 16 records from my report. I was absolutely amazed.

I received my investigation report back from Experian on 4/14 that showed that of the 16 disputed, 7 were deleted, 5 state updated, 3 remains, and 1 reviewed.

I have yet to receive my investigation back from TransUnion and we are currently at 28 days since they actually received it per certified recipt records.

I sent a certified dispute letter to the OC "Applied Card Bank" and it was received on March 6th 2007. They did not respond to the letter and however I did receive a collection letter from "First National Collection Bureau" dated March 20th 2007. Is that illegal since I was disputing the account as being mine? I am going to be sending a 2nd letter to the OC and also a DV to the CA in this matter.

Asset Acceptance has responded with a letter on their own company letterhead showing the following:

1. MY name, prior act # and original creditor

2. principal/interest/balance

3. personal info

and a contact number to reach the investigator at.

Is this enough to contitute validation in FL?

RJM Acquisitions, MCB collection services, and NCO Financial never responded to my 1st DV letters and I just sent the 2nd DV's out yesterday. I can only hope that they don't respond soon.

Online Information Services (Progress Energy) is claiming that I owe them money and sent me a collections letter. I sent the first DV and they responded with a letter on company letterhead with their contact info and attached is a sheet that is the last statement that I supposedly had with Progress Energy showing that my last balance was $204.07 but nothing showing that it was being sent to collections or anything showing where I had paid that bill already.

I am not trying to catch a loophole and rid these off of my credit report. I was a victim of identity theft and have been fightin all of these bogus charges (except Progress Energy, I had already moved before this time because of the destruction of my home by Hurrican Charlie, and this is not my debt either).

If anyone has any advice based on the information above, or can tell me if I have done anything incorrectly, it would eb greatly apprecaited.

On further note, if the CRA's removed all these listings, what is their ability to have them readded? Do they have a specific time frame or can they do it at anytime? And if they do, how I can request proof of how they did in fact verify the information?

Thanks once again,

Derek Pritchard

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Something I just thought of, in my prior post I noted that my account with Applied Card bank (OC) was sent to a collection agency after they recevied my dispute letter. They never sent me notification that they were going to send it to collections if I did not pay the bill. Isn't that illegal? I was under the impression that it was required that a letter be sent to me notifying me of this step in the collection process. After thinking this, I am definitely going to DV the letter to the CA since it would be within the 30 day window.

If anyone has anything to advise me of in this matter, a reply would be greatly appreciated. I want to thank the creators of creditinfocenter.com and to everyone that has posted on this website to help others fight for their credit!!


Derek Pritchard

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