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so i received this letter the other day from j.m.c...

this is the first time that they have contacted me but in the letter they try and pretend that they contacted me approximately 30 days ago...which is absolute b.s....

i am treating this as a "first communication dunning letter" tho i can see from their content they will claim otherwise

so in lieu of that,,what violations can i claim from this letter in not containing all of the provisions of the fcra and the fdcpa in a first dunning letter?




and ocregister


balance due:50.29

APRIL 16,2007

Approximately 30 days ago,I contacted you in regard to the above balance due the OCRegister. To date there has been no payment

OCRegister wants to give you every opportunity to pay this balance voluntarily.Please take note of the following facts:

You contracted for the service

You were aware of my clients invoicing terms at the time of contracting

Our client attemped to clear the matter without our involvement

If you have any questions regarding this billing,please call the undersigned

Blah bla blah

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

This communication is from a debt collector.

Signed Biyatch#1 Signed Biyatch#2

this "alleged" acount is for a local newspaper that was canceled in august of 2006 when i sold my house and moved out of state.they decided on their own ,after i had cancelled ,to deliver their paper to another residence in another city that i didnt live at...they then tried to bill me for 2 months of service for their mistake...when they called me to ask when i was going to pay them i told them to pound sand....this is their mistake

so they turn it over to collections...

as madinks always says "wtf"???????????

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Do you have proof of your cancelling?

Receipt of final payment, date and name of employee you talked to. Anything to support your claim.

You will need to contact this CA by CMRR and make it clear you cancelled the account, moved, etc. Then go on to say how they, OC Register, on their own, delievered to another address, where you never lived. Do realize you will need to enclose copies of your power bill, phone bill, etc., that clearly shows your correct address. Contact the utilities and ask for them to send you a letter clearly indicating the date you began service. The same goes for the ones you closed, such as closing bills, if you can. If you know the address of where they delivered, go to the door and ask how long the people have lived there, and get it in writing, if you can. Ask the neighbors.

Do include as to your not receiving any prior communication.

As to OC Register, I do remember them and never liked them then. I used to live on Evergreen, near Brea and Rolling Hills.

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Here are some quotes from the Parent Company of OCRegister that you can add to your response. Just make sure that you put a cc at the bottom address to Scott N. Flanders, President and Chief Executive Officer of Freedom Communications.

I am sure Mr. Flanders had this type of situation in mide when he discussed the disruption and stress due to change below.

So, a quarter into 2007, consider how change is disrupting your work. Are you choosing to ignore change? Are you taking responsibility for change?

As Pritchett and Pound point out, all organizations must change to survive and prosper. They note, “Resisting change is one of the most common causes of stress on the job…and it’s stress that we bring on ourselves…and people waste far more emotional energy desperately hanging on to old habits and beliefs than it would take for them to embrace the changes.”

Everything is a choice and changing the way you work, adjusting and aligning yourself with new challenges and changes in our industry is the start to new ideas, new products and a new way of looking at our industry. Always ask the question: “Is there a better way to do it?”

Thanks for continuing to optimize our legacy through new ideas that meet the changing demands of our customers.


Preserving Liberty

Our company founder, R.C. Hoiles, left a legacy based on the principles of voluntaryism and the libertarian philosophy. Those legacy values — Integrity, Self-Responsibility, Respect for Individual Freedom, Community and Life-Long Learning — are the bedrock on which Freedom Communications operates today. We call it the Freedom Way.

The Freedom Way means serving communities with integrity and respect while keeping the torch of freedom burning brightly. Opportunity for individuals, careful management of resources, commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and lifelong learning are the cornerstones of the Freedom Way.

Then end with how the current actions of the OC Register exemplify the integrity and respect of "The Freedom Way".


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We were somewhat just around the corner as Brea turns into Whittier. I grew up in Lakewood, but, stayed with my sister while in the military. This was her home. On occasion, I would cruise over to Bob's Big Boy with a friend.

My problem with OC was more toward delivery conditions, and their response in correcting it. I would always want to scan the paper with my morning "wake up" before going to the base. Many times no paper, or, if raining, a very soaked paper. As to the LA Times, I definitely agree. For about a year around 1958, I delivered the Times. Too heavy on Sunday. Got a chance to deliver the Independent Press Telegram, so jumped and never looked back.

Getting to your present problem. Take the info posted above and compose a letter to Mr. Flanders detailing all that has transpired.

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i delivered the herald examiner before it went belly up and then the daily news....sundays were a bitch..havin to put in the inserts and then having the bags on your shoulders and the handlebars...

thanx for the input, i fired a letter off today so we shall see what happens

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On my route I had to make two trips on Sunday. My route was Candlewood to Del Amo and Railroad Tracks to Downey. The house I grew up in is on the street that runs head on into May Co (now Robison May) and was the 13th house East of Paramount on the North side (2817). I graduated from Lakewood High in 1964. I'll be at Del Valle Park this July for the All Class Picnic, which is held every year. I"m easy to find as our car ('06 HEMI Charger, Light Gunmetal w/ Disabled Veteran Plates) is usually parked in the Handicap on North side and we are usually in the first covered area. I"m the gimpy one.

If I remember right, it was the Herald Examiner. Left the area in 1972, so had no idea it went under. The Times delivered the inserts on Saturday night for me to join with funnies, etc., then early Sunday came the Front Page. You say "a bitch", I say worse than that. HATED IT!!!

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