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RoadLoans, Min. FICO and income

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Hi all,

This is my first post. I've been on here reading for a couple weeks and just signed up yesterday. Such wonderful information and people here. Trying to learn everything that I can by reading this forum before I begin the DV process to bring my very BAD scores up. I'm sure I'll be back with lots more questions.

Here's my first set of questions regarding RoadLoans. After doing some research on here, I think I'm going to try Roadloans first. I saw in some earlier posts that they only pull EQ...is this still true? I hope so..since it's my best score. (I'm in West Virginia, by the way)

Second question..does anyone know if RL has a minimum FICO that they will work with?

And finally, what is the minimum income that they will accept? I'm not looking for a big or new car loan, just something to buy a used car, maybe around $10,000.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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Roadloans is Triad financial, who has a lot of complaints against them. They are a predatory lender. Search for them on ripoffreport.com before you decide to do business with them.

Capital One auto finance is also predtory, but not quite as much, and their interest rates are a little more reasonable.

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Thank you, Big Time for taking the time to answer my questions.

We're definitely going to consider Cap 1. Do you know who they pull? We know that we're going to have spend a little more time working on those reports, before we try for the auto loan, because we just got news that we got turned for a Chevron gas card. :(

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